Virginie Linder
Blissipline Coach
Virginie Linder
Blissipline Coach


Breath Coaching

Everyone breathes, breath is synonymous with life.
However, 80% of people breathe poorly. 

Reconnecting to your breath, observing it, modifying it,
is a simple and effective way to better cope with your stress,
to perform better, to improve your sleep, for example.

Breath coaching offers an assessment and guided breathwork to allow you to manage what prevents you from being on top, healthy, relaxed.

Basic coaching lasts a month, with one session per week.

We do a first session, free of charge, to assess your breathing
and determine your priorities.


I am also a co-trainer at BreathQ, an international collaboration of certified breath coaches who bring the benefits of better breathing to the corporate world. More info:

You can find my online course on BreathQ website (in French)
From 195 euros

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