Virginie Linder
Blissipline Coach
Virginie Linder
Blissipline Coach


Virginie Linder

From translating words to translating beings

My story is simple.

I come from the world of audiovisual translation.

I have always wanted people to be able to communicate

beyond cultures and their language.

Like you, I have experienced many transitions in my life.

And I survived. How ?

Thanks to my desire to grow.

Thanks to the help of caring therapists and coaches.

I never stopped learning, I worked hard,

I cried a lot and I also laughed a lot.

And then the metamorphosis took place.

This is what I wish for you today.

I have the tools to help you experience this inner revolution,

this path that brings us back to our essence.

And makes sense of everything.

My mission today is no longer to translate words,

but to translate beings.

A journey

I learned meditation in 2001. In 2019, I decided to move on to the transmission stage.

I began my adventure at Chopra to become a meditation instructor using mantra meditation.

I also continued my learning in Ayurveda to finally obtain the Chopra coach diploma in 2021.

My training

I am a Chopra certified Meditation Instructor, Health Instructor and Total Well-being Coach.

I am also a Yogabody certified Breath Coach

as well as a graduate from Charlie Morley's Lucid Dream Facilitator Training 2023.



My Podcast

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